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About Us

Patent Procurement

At Tsircou Intellectual Property Law, we lead clients through the process of securing patent rights in the United States and throughout the world. We work with clients who have a broad array of goals for their patents…read more


Copyrights vest to a creator of an original work of authorship once that work is fixed in a tangible form. Types of original works can include literary, musical, artistic, and certain other creative expressions, both published and unpublished…read more

Trademark Procurement

We counsel clients how to best protect trademarks, service marks and trade dress. To that end, we research potential marks for conflicting third-party rights. Through this clearance process, clients can avoid issues before investing resources into a mark…read more

Client Counseling

We evaluate its clients’ products to ensure they do not infringe patents held by others. During this process we perform an in-depth study of relevant patents within the specified field in order to assess scope of coverage, validity and enforceability…read more